Interface IWebHook

interface IWebHook {
    createdAt: string;
    createdByUserId: string;
    description: string;
    disabledReason: string;
    disabledReasonCode: string;
    enabled: boolean;
    eventTypes: IWebHookEvenType[];
    filter: string;
    headers: {
        [k: string]: string;
    id: string;
    level: "user" | "tenant";
    name: string;
    ownerId: string;
    secret: string;
    updatedAt: string;
    updatedByUserId: string;
    url: string;


createdAt: string

The UTC timestamp when the webhook was created

createdByUserId: string

The id of the user that created the webhook

description: string

The reason for creating the webhook

disabledReason: string

The reason for the webhook to be disabled

disabledReasonCode: string

The unique code for the reason

enabled: boolean

Whether the webhook is active and sending requests


eventTypes: IWebHookEvenType[]

Types of events for which the webhook should trigger.

filter: string

Filter that should match for a webhook to be triggered. Supported common attribute names are 'id', 'spaceId' and 'topLevelResourceId', beside the common attributes the "" event also supports "data.status" that could be either "ok" or "error" but can't be used together with other event types. Supported attribute operators are 'eq' and 'ne'. Supported logical operators are 'and' and 'or'. Note that attribute values must be valid JSON strings, hence they're enclosed with double quotes For more detailed information regarding the SCIM filter syntax (RFC7644) used please follow the link to external documentation.

headers: {
    [k: string]: string;

Additional headers in the post request

Type declaration

  • [k: string]: string
id: string

The webhook's unique identifier

level: "user" | "tenant"

Defines at what level the webhook should operate: for all resources belonging to a tenant or restricted to only those accessible by the webhook-creator.


name: string

The name for the webhook

ownerId: string

The id of the user that owns the webhook, only applicable for user level webhooks

secret: string

String used as secret for calculating HMAC hash sent as header

updatedAt: string

The UTC timestamp when the webhook was last updated

updatedByUserId: string

The id of the user that last updated the webhook

url: string

Target URL for webhook HTTPS requests