Qlik SaaS API

Qlik Sense SaaS REST API

Node.js module to interact with Qlik Sense SaaS API




npm install qlik-saas-api

Note Node version >= 16.0.0

Note Please open and issue if you are experiencing problems with the tabular reporting related methods - sharing tasks, report templates and report filters. The API itself is quite complicated and its hard to test and verify


At this moment only JWT authentication is supported


Initialize the client

import { QlikSaaSApi } from "qlik-saas-api";

const saasApi = new QlikSaaSApi.client({
host: "tenant-url",
authentication: {
token: "eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9...",

List of available methods: Methods

List of apps methods: Apps-Methods

Details for an app: Apps-Methods


Full list of available methods can be found here

Breaking changes

After v0.10.0

Prior v0.10.0 some methods were expecting named parameters and some were expecting the arguments to be an object. From v0.10.0 onwards all public methods will expect their arguments to be an object.


async get(id: string) { ... }


async get(arg: { id: string }) { ... }

The new way of calling these methods will be:

await something.get({ id: "some-id here" })

Instead of:

await something.get("some-id here")

In the future v2.0

Breaking changes will be introduced in the future v2+ of the package

  • All methods that require arguments will expect the arguments to be passed as an object


    let updateResponse = await app.addToSpace("space-id-here");


    let updateResponse = await app.addToSpace({ spaceId: "space-id-here" });

    There are two reasons for that:

    • consistency - the other Qlik REST API packages (Repository, Proxy etc.) are using the same approach
    • easier to use this package as part of Automatical and Automatical-CLI
  • At the moment some methods are returning the details instead of the instance. Code review will be performed and for these methods the return will be changed to class instance

Note In order to avoid usage issues the package will be released in two versions - v1+ and v2+. All new features, fixes, patches etc will be applied to both versions. v2+ will be the default version and v1+ will be installed with:

npm install qlik-saas-api@v1

Rate limit

From 01/11/2022 Qlik is introducing rate limits when using SaaS REST API. If the response is with status 429 then the rate limit is reached and the script have to wait before continue.

(from community.qlik)

Tier Limit Description
Tier 1 600+ per minute Supports majority of requests for data consumption with generous bursting.
Tier 2 60+ per minute Create, update, and delete resource endpoints with occasional bursts of more requests.
Special Varies Rate limiting conditions are unique for methods with this tier. Consult the method's documentation to better understand its rate limiting conditions.

For more information please check these links: