Interface IKeyProvider

interface IKeyProvider {
    arn: string;
    arnFingerPrint: string;
    createdAt: string;
    current: boolean;
    demotedFromCurrentAt: string;
    description: string;
    keyProvider: string;
    multiRegion: boolean;
    name: string;
    promotedToCurrentAt: string;
    replicaKeys: {
        arn: string;
        region: string;
    tenantId: string;


arn: string

The provider resource notation for the key

arnFingerPrint: string

The ARN fingerprint

createdAt: string

When key entry was created

current: boolean

Indicates whether the key is being used to encrypt/decrypt secrets

demotedFromCurrentAt: string

When the ley was demoted from being current to non active

description: string

Description of key provider entry

keyProvider: string

Key Provider type.

At the moment only "AWS-KMS" (12/2023)

multiRegion: boolean

Indicated whether the key has multi-region configuration and has replica key in qcs secondary region

name: string

Name of key provider entry

promotedToCurrentAt: string

When the key was promoted to being current active one

replicaKeys: {
    arn: string;
    region: string;

Type declaration

  • arn: string

    Replica key keeps list of backup keys from the supported qcs secondary region

  • region: string

    Region indicates the backup qcs-region link to the primary region

tenantId: string

Tenant ID