Qlik Sense REST API

Interact with Qlik Sense REST APIs (Repository, Proxy, Engine and SaaS) from a single package (NodeJS/JavaScript)

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Please check the Wiki section for details and examples


  • communicate with multiple QS REST API services (not limited only to a single service) from single package
  • support multiple authentication mechanisms (certificates, header, JWT etc) The package itself is not performing authentication


  • Repository (QSoW)
  • Proxy (QSoW)
  • Engine (QSoW)
  • Generic (QSoW)
  • SaaS (QSoK)


npm install --save qlik-rest-api

Return data format

All requests are returning data in the following format:

data: {} or [] // whatever is returned (including the error(s) details if error)
status: number // HTTP status codes: 200, 201, 204, 404, 409 etc.
statusText: string // HTTP status text: "OK", "Created", "Bad Request" etc.
message: string // optional. In cese of an error this prop will be the raw message

Basic examples

Any "physical" content (like certificates, qvf files, extension files etc.) have to be provided in advance. The package will not read any files from the file system by itself.

Proxy API (list all active sessions)

import https from "https";
import { QlikProxyClient } from "../src/index";

const pfx = fs.readFileSync("path/to/client.pfx");

const httpsAgent = new https.Agent({
pfx: pfx,

const config = {
host: "my-sense-host",
port: 4243,
httpAgent: httpAgent,
authentication: {
user_dir: "SOME_DIR",
user_name: "SOME_USER",

const proxyClient = new QlikProxyClient(config);
const result = await proxyClient.Get("session");

Engine API (healthcheck of single Engine)

import https from "https";
import { QlikEngineClient } from "../src/index";

const pfx = fs.readFileSync("path/to/client.pfx");

const config = {
host: "my-engine-host",
port: 4747,
httpAgent: new https.Agent({ pfx: pfx }),
authentication: {
user_dir: "SOME_DIR",
user_name: "SOME_USER",

const engineClient = new QlikProxyClient(config);
const result = await engineClient.Get("engine/healthcheck");

Repository API (list app apps with filter)

import fs from "fs";
import https from "https";
import { QlikRepositoryClient } from "qlik-rest-api";

const cert = fs.readFileSync(`path/to/client.pem`);
const key = fs.readFileSync(`path/to/client_key.pem`);

const httpsAgentCert = new https.Agent({
rejectUnauthorized: false,
cert: cert,
key: key,

const config = {
host: "my-sense-host.com",
port: 4242,
httpsAgent: httpsAgentCert,
authentication: {
user_dir: "SOME_DIR",
user_name: "SOME_USER",

const repoClient = new QlikRepositoryClient(config);

// list all apps with their name starting with "operations"
const qlikApps = await repoClient.Get(`app?filter=(name sw 'operations')`);


Developer documentation for all methods can be found here